Trimafor’s broad range of service offerings include SAP:

• Implementation
• Upgrades
• Enhancements
• Strategic Outsourcing

Our SAP R/3 experience spans the breadth of the SAP modules including:

• Order capture and fulfillment
• Materials management
• Production planning
• Finance and cost accounting
• Human resources
• Project system
• Plant maintenance
• Service management
• Data warehousing

Our ERP/SAP practice provides rapid, high-quality, cost-effective SAP implementation assistance, as well as support for on-going operations. Our unique combination of people, processes, and products (i.e., knowledge assets and tools) ensures you get the most from your SAP investment.

Our philosophy is to implement the basic system quickly, so our clients can immediately begin using the system for hands-on configuration, prototyping, and training. This approach minimizes the risks associated with ERP, reduces the implementation time-frames, and accelerates the realization of benefits.

We advise our clients to begin by implementing the SAP system in its most basic form. Only after the new application environment is up and running, and the organization has learned more of the capabilities of the new system, do we suggest building onto this base the more complex, high-change initiatives (such as supply chain optimization or business-to-business electronic commerce).

This strategy helps our clients avoid putting all their eggs in one basket -- often associated with large-scale ERP failures. This approach allows our clients to make change happen, one step at a time, at a pace that is appropriate for each, realizing the benefits of the system as early on as possible.