Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is about combining an enterprise's existing applications, legacy systems, computing environments, and commercially packaged applications to provide seamless business processes across platforms. This requires that applications, databases, legacy systems, and interfaces communicate with each other in a seamless manner.

EAI allows companies to gain greater access to information within the enterprise or among partners, suppliers, and customers by integrating disparate systems. This increases productivity while dramatically reducing transaction, communication, systems maintenance, and production costs.

TRIMAFOR has proven expertise in providing solutions to overcome the barriers of complex and disparate architectures, security and maintenance issues.

To take Enterprise Application Integration to the next level, we combine integration efforts with industry knowledge and benchmarks. We weed out redundancies in applications, reduce the cost of maintenance, and move to an asset-light model, to provide a superior return on your total asset portfolio.

TRIMAFOR has expertise in many of the industry standard tools like TIBCO, VITRIA, SEEBEYOND, CROSSWORLDS, WEBSPHERE