Process Quality

The maturity of an organization is measured by its capability to deliver quality products and services consistently to its customers.

Achieving consistent quality is especially challenging in a software environment, where quality is difficult to define, measure, and control. The International Standards Organization's ISO 9000 standards and the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) provide frameworks for implementation of well-defined and managed software engineering processes.

TRIMAFOR assists IT teams with consulting services in software improvement processes. TRIMAFOR has experts that could help to chart value-added process improvement methodologies for our customers.

As part of our quality consulting assignments, we perform a gap analysis and recommend a quality system that can help you achieve targeted quality levels in your organization's software development processes.

Testing methodology

Software quality testing is a critical element of Software Development Life Cycle. Testing cycle ensures the quality, stability and sustainability of the product.
TRIMAFOR has a long record of accomplishments in software testing. Our flexible approach to risk-based testing and test strategies allows us to define effective test strategies up-front.

We are flexible in responding to changing project plans in a dynamic project environment. We are pragmatic and are sensitive to the needs of management, users, and developers.

TRIMAFOR has professionals with expertise in major test tool products such as Mercury Interactive.